A Dialogue Between Feminine Wisdom And Masculine Uncertainty

CD, Cat# SMC07
Numbered edition of 500
Released OCT 2007
Total time 33:30

[1] Improv No.9
[2] A Dirge
[3] Jolly Times
[4] Squadra Che Vince Non Si Cambia
[5] Axixic
[6] They Are In The Gate
[7] Whedefit Gesgeshi Woude Henate Ityopya
[8] San Diego Winter
[9] A Love Song
[10] Peace And Plenty Forever

A Wild Man has clambered down out of the Swiss alps and made his way across the Italian border. He is without language, some formless thing wandering over the structures of civilization. A living breathing phantom. The various conversations, musics and babblings he hears stick to him as metal shavings to a magnet. He hops a cargo ship to Mexico and hides out in broad, bright daylight. He forms alliances, follows trade routes, makes observances. Late nights as he nods off there is the mental jibberjaw taking place between the measured and the unknown.

"Sometime collaborator with Tara Jane O'Neil, The Naysayer, and The Double U -- and sticksman with San Fran pop insurgents Fuck -- Geoff Soule is also a solo noise connoisseur whose current work is a laconic frolic amid daily minutiae and universal concerns; underpinned by improvised arias, miniature wig-outs and Spartan psalms."   -Plan B Magazine

"A charmingly minimalist collection of hauntingly beautiful little ditties -- willfully veering between contemplatively stark folk and odd little jazzy improvisations. Singer-songwriters can be interesting."   -The Leeds Guide

"... dark as a woodland copse, but liberally spotted with patches of sunlight. ... jazzy melancholia at its most quirkily American. The songs are minimal constructions of sweet melodies, simple rhymes with a solid folk heart. So even if the title leads you to expect a pretentious concept album, the bare boned guitar, piano and string inevitably draw you in and soon disabuse you of any idea that this pretty record means anything but business."   -Bearded Magazine

"... there's a real under-stated feel to this album and people wanting a kick-ass 'wham bam thank you ma'am' approach would probably be advised to seek their thrills elsewhere. But those of you with a touch more patience and a capability to be moved by heartfelt simplicity are likely to be amply rewarded."   -Evil Sponge



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